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The interactive entertainment industry today consists of multiple markets and multiple segments within those markets. These include custom segmentation and data tools that allow clients to make apples to apples comparisons across seemingly different markets.

DFC Intelligence has been a leader of market forecasting for new interactive entertainment technologies since 1994. We assist clients with strategic planning, especially around the uncertain business opportunities in the world of rapidly changing consumer tastes.

Our core competencies include:

• Forecasting: With over 20 years of data, DFC’s forecast have been able to accurately track consumer trends and help companies avoid being in the bubble when it bursts.

• Strategic planning: Our goal is to help companies take a realistic look at the market so they can get in on new trends and avoid coming late to a party that has already been crashed.

• Market Segmentation and Data Organization: We help companies understand how these markets overlap and work together.

• Business Models: We specialize in assisting companies to understand how much money can realistically be made from a given product or market.

• Financial Services: There are many market opportunities for investors but most of them are turkeys. Investors like companies that use DFC Intelligence data to build business plans because our data tends to be realistic about actual potential growth.

• Investment Advice: We work with investors to help separate the hype from the reality. DFC takes a very cautious approach which is why shrewd investors like us.

A solid research foundation should focus on both consumer insights AND strategy with market insights. Right now many companies are focusing solely on consumer insights and as a result are often getting lost in the forest because they are only looking at the trees. The focus of DFC Intelligence is to understand the strategic big picture of who is making money where and how that is likely to change in the future. In recent years we noticed companies have tended to chase after the latest hot trend, often after it has already peaked. This trend has resulted in attempting to get the most revenue out of users without trying to understand overall market conditions. Some companies get rich that way but most fail miserably, especially in the long term. The goal of DFC Intelligence is to help companies identify the best focus for companies to tackle.